EAS Intruder Alarm and Emergency Systems Apprenticeship

Available in London, Sittingbourne, Bury/Manchester and Bury St Edmunds

EAS Intruder Alarm And Emergency Systems Apprenticeship

EAS apprentice learners will complete the full apprenticeship framework at Level 2. This programme ensures that, upon completion, the apprentice becomes a fully qualified emergency systems and alarms installer who is able to work with the latest technology.

Apprenticeship training – what's in it for you?

What the learner gets:
The EAS programme is a proposed two year vocational training course that combines on the job experience with a professional and industry wide recognised qualification. It is designed to ensure all achievers are trained to the highest standards, with the right skill levels for the future.

All EAS apprentices benefit from a structured learning and achievement model based on their actual work-based learning and applied competence in the workplace. Our apprenticeship training scheme is tailored to match the apprentice's own progression, rather than teaching them to simply pass an exam or assessment.

Their qualification will include:

    • The full industry recognised Intruder Alarm & Emergency Systems Apprenticeship
    •  Level 2 Certificate in Knowledge of Electronic Security and Emergency Systems (1853-02) Level 2 Technical Certificate
    •  Level 2/3 NVQ Certificate/Diploma in Providing Electronic Security and Emergency Systems (2882-02)
    • Functional skills as required

Benefits for the employer:

    • For 16 to 18 year olds, the scheme is normally fully funded. A contribution is required for 19 to 24* year olds.
    • A full collaborative partnership between you and us. Our trained and qualified staff are there to support you too.
    • A learner review programme where you are included and not ignored.
    • A skilled and ultimately qualified employee with usable skills that support your business throughout their training and beyond.

*Candidates cease to become eligible when they reach 24.

To find out more about the EAS apprenticeship programme please call Martin Payne on 01227 830919 or email: enquiries@easukltd.com

Frequently asked questions

Yes, there is normally full funding available for apprentices aged 16 to 18 years for their training. All the employer needs to pay for is their salary and travel. However, due to reduced government funding there are limited spaces for 19 to 24 year old learners available, which are only partially funded at approximately 50%.

Whilst we recommend pay scales to be in line with the JIB published rates, it is entirely your decision. There are also published government guidelines for employers taking on apprentices. For more information, go online to: www.apprenticeships.org.uk/Employers.aspx

The length of the Intruder Alarm & Emergency Systems apprentice programme is two years. Should a learner wish to progress onto Level 3, it will require an additional two years. However, this is entirely optional.

On completion of the C&G 2882 the learner will be a fully qualified alarms installer, recognised by the industry. They will also be able to go on to Level 2 and alternative pathway programmes (Fire Detection; Closed Circuit TV; Access Control Systems and Integrated Systems/personal alarms and electronic article surveillance systems. Alternatively, they can progress to the Level 3 in Security and Emergency Alarm Systems, or other associated NVQ qualifications.

Primarily, we have planned for a day release model of one day per week for around 36 weeks in each year at our training facilities in London, Sittingbourne, Bury/Manchester and Bury St Edmunds. Subject to sufficient demand from employers, we may be able to accommodate a block release model.


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